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The TRT Investment Program allows anyone to become a real producer of films. As an owner of the TRT Certificate you can earn real money.


The Certificate has a nominal value of $ 98 USD.  It is limited to 1000 shares and guarantees you the proportional part of all the earnings the program generates.


"When do I start earning money?"

Answer: Let's be honest. I'm not a prophet. But reliable estimations say that if we sell more than 10.000 copies of the film, it generates pure profit for you. Let's say you invested $ 980 USD in the film-production by buying 10 shares and the film finds more than 10.000 customers worldwide in the first year after its release, you get an estimated $ 1200 USD back in the first year!




1. No Time Limit

This certificate has no time limitation. You will even earn money if the film is broadcasted or if the copyrights, name-rights etc. might be sold some day.


2. Cancellation Security

If for any reason the film isn't released you will be 100%* refunded. You get all the money back you invested in this project. There is no risk at all!

*Bank or PayPal Fees not included


3. Free worldwide Shipping

If you order shares till November 1st, 2014 you get free shipping worldwide.



This is how the certificate looks like:






The certificate will be sent to you within 14 business days.


Shares in stock: 613/1000



Example B

This is an example of how the Balance Sheet of 'The TRT Investment Program' will look like: The amount in the light yellow field will be divided among all shareholders each year proportionally to the number of Equity Shares they hold.

Note: Due to Diversification one person can order a maximum of 500 Shares.





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Shares in stock: 613/1000





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