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The Campaign


What happened in Summer of 1979 around the nuclear power plant of Rheinsberg?



The Story:


Friday, April 23rd 2013, Novosibirsk, Russia

Igor Seliakov, a former Soviet Union Army Major deceased recently. In the basement of his home officials found several sealed boxes containing reels with hours of Super 8 footage. The boxes were all marked , which turned out to be a false Russian translation of the word "Rheinsberg", a small town in East-Germany. When they watched the footage they couldn't believe their eyes...


Monday, August 4th 1979, Rheinsberg, German Democratic Republic

It is a sunny and beautiful morning in Rheinsberg. Nothing indicates that this week will be the last week alive for this calm town and most of its 5400 citizens. A young female doctor from the nearby hospital is taking her first week off this year. She is looking forward to try out her new Super 8 camera by making a documentary about her lovely town. Most of the footage that were found in Seliakovs basement is filmed with her camera. Rheinsberg has a lot of nice places to show, but there are also places you better avoid. One of these is the nuclear power plant, built in 1955 in the outskirts. It is known as one of the first by the Soviet-Union exported nuclear power plants overall...




Movie Data:

Genre: Found Footage, Horror

Language: English, German

Length: 70 - 90 minutes

Rated: EUR/US: 16

Cast: 3 main characters

Crew: Small team of experienced professionals and young ambitious film students

Release Date: hopefully 2015

Distribution: Selected Screens, DVD, VoD, Video-Download (Amazon)



Business Plan:

Let me first say a few things about this Project: This film is meant to be a commercially successful artwork. Therefore I offer private equity solutions. This means, that you can finance a part of the project and get a proportional share of the earnings of the product. So if you don't like the options below, you can get involved as private equity shareholder. The minimum private equity share is 98 USD. For 98 USD you would get around 0.1 % of the earnings the film generates.

More Infos:

TRT Investment Program




For what will your funds be spent?



We believe in the power of a good marketing strategy. 20 % of your funds will be spent for viral and conventional Advertising campaigns.



High quality equipment is essential for getting the best results. 20 % of your funds will be spent for providing the equipment.



The filming itself is sheduled for June 8th until June 21st 2015 with 12 filming days. 40 % of your funds will be spent for this.



A crucial phase of the whole project. We will spend 12 % of your funds for the postproduction process.



The final step. 8% of your funds are needed to provide a fully functioning distribution of this product.  






Option 1: 5 $

You will be mentioned in the ending credits of the movie and  receive a shoutout on our Twitter- and Facebook-Channel


Option 2: 25 $

You receive Option 1 and a download of the movie when it's released


Option 3: 50 $

You receive Option 1, Option 2 and the Official Movie T-Shirt or a signed DVD


Option 4: 100 $

You receive Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 and a mentioning in the opening credits of the movie or a signed DVD and T-Shirt


Option 5: 500 $

You receive everything from the other options and will be mentioned in the opening credits as producer.



Contact us: the_rheinsberg_tapes@road-movie.eu